Please check out our huge community website for all things paranormal, it is a great place to come and share your stories or just read about others unexplained events. here is some more information about it:

About Us:

Paranormal Existence is a community site developed for fans, enthusiasts, researchers, investigators, or just anyone interested in any and all things to do with the Paranormal and the unexplained. This is a serious site for people involved or wanting to be involved with the paranormal community. It is NOT a site for fake, false or misleading information. We all love what we do and have a lot of fun doing it, but we do take it serious. Our site is focused on community interaction, we did not want just an informational site. We wanted to build a place where the paranormal community can come together, share their findings, discuss their theories, ask other people in the community for their opinions, or simply do some research. We also wanted a starting point for anyone who is new to the paranormal community or is just interested in learning more about the paranormal. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to find everything they need in one place, from educational information to real live stories and accounts to a list of places to investigate and even a way to post your findings to share with the community and receive and discuss feedback from others. Being a long time paranormal enthusiast and paranormal investigator I could not find any place online that has all this information in one place where people can share their experiences and also learn from others. Our goal is to build a collaborative community site that not only offers known research and theories but combines that with real life accounts, stories, theories and visuals from real everyday people for everyone who wants to learn about or be involved with the Paranormal.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple… Build a site where everyone in the paranormal community can come together, share their experiences, their theories, research information, and help educate others interested in learning about the paranormal.

What We Offer:

Our site is and will always be FREE for members. We are not here to make money from our members, we are here to provide a fun and educational community site for people interested in the paranormal. As a member you can customize your profile in many ways and you have access to all features which also includes our community form. Also as a member you will have the ability to upload photos, videos, and sound files to share with other members, whether it be to just share your experience or get feedback from other experts on you footage. Our site is always a work in progress and there will always be changes, upgrades, and improvements as we go. But the site will always remain FREE for members. We may add some paid services in the future for special events or special premium features, but members will always be FREE to sign up and have access to all the current features to post and share with the community.

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